Exposing Obama's Extreme Abortion Record
Women Speak Out PAC is dedicated to exposing President Obama's radical record on abortion through hard-hitting television ads.

Voters must know the truth: Despite campaigning on a commitment to find 'common ground' on abortion, President Obama opposed bans on sex selection and late-term abortion. He forced Americans to pay for abortions with their tax dollars under Obamacare. He voted four times against measures that would provide equal treatment and constitutional protection to children accidentally born alive after a failed abortion.

Where is that ground President Obama is standing? It is uncommon, callous, lonely ground. With your help, we will spread this message.

Watch our latest ad, "How will you answer?" featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. After watching the ad, please consider making a generous donation to help keep this ad on the air in key battleground states.

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Will you choose to sit back and let abortion groups have all the say in 2012? Speak out! Add your voice to thousands of pro-life Americans committed to saving unborn babies from the heart-breaking horrors of abortion.